Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Things #6 & #7

New Thing #6 - Book first 4 Lia Sophia parties

So.  I have to decided to sign up with Lia Sophia just make some extra money.  I like the feeling of being in direct control of how much I make so that is what draws me to selling things.  I don't however, like the selling part!  I am not the greatest salesperson.  So there is always this conflict in me about starting.  

To sign up, I have to have 4 parties booked so that I have a good foundation for selling the jewelry in the future.  I have two parties booked already so I just need to find two more.  So, this is my new thing 6.  

New Thing #7 - Find a TESOL class online

I need to find a class where I can get a certification in TESOL.  It will help me in many ways.  But I want to find one online so I can do it at my own pace or something.  Dunno if there is something that meets all those requirements, but if there is, I will find it!


Becky said...

So...can I have a link to the Lia Sophia? I'd like to take a look at it, just out of curiosity.

Larissa said...

Sure, it is Also, as I was researching this company, I found most of my information on this company on a forum which I can't seem to find again.....

Anonymous said...

Very fun parties and really great jewelry - and affordable with the great discounts given at every party. I am accruing quite a collection and I am not done yet. Plus we get a new catalog every few months, so the hunt for the perfect piece continues!

By the way, you are a great party hostess! We had a lot of fun! Mahi