Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing 6, 7, 8-update

It's been almost a year since I last posted here. How sad. I guess that longer I have been away, the harder it is to log back in and catch up. My niece's painting hasn't changed since the last post and I think Jason is probably tired of having my easel set up in the living room. Here are some updates on some things:

Thing 6: I am going to delete this (promote to unit manager in lia sophia) from my goal list as I am no longer doing lia sophia. I believe in the company and think that people can easily earn a good income doing fun jewelry shows with the company. I recommend signing up to people who are interested. For me though, just like much else in my life, I have a hard time following through on things. I grew tired of what felt like hounding people when they didn't get back to me with a party date. If the business was just doing the shows, I would love it. Maybe I could just hire someone to book all the parties for me and I would just show up ad do them. That would be perfect. Anyway, I think it would be a perfect job for someone who has a little more motivation than me.

Thing 7: I am going to delete this (Find a TESOL program online) because I am leaving my job soon and don't know that I would like to continue teaching ESL in the future. Hopefully if I do, my 4 years of experience running a program and teaching will be enough for them to hire me on.

Thing 8: I have completed Thing #8! I have used up 5 containers of specialty beauty products and am now moving this to the completed list.

I will try to update more soon and put up new goals on my list.