Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Thing #3

Well, I decided to do a new thing #3.  Not because I don't think it is important, but because I haven't been doing it lately.  Silly excuse right?  Since I can't really say that I completed this one, I want to take it off.  I will continue to train Mosey in my irregular pattern. 

My new thing 3 is:  Use my ab roller everyday for 1 month.  

This will really be hard for me.  I will provide you before and after measurements I plan on rolling until exhaustion everyday as opposed to a set amount of rolls.  Alright, wish me luck!  

I have also added the long term goal of writing my childhood autobiography.  This is a doozy....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thing #3-Completed!

Ok, so Mosey's teeth have been brushed every night for the last two weeks!  Here they are in all their shining glory....  

Hey, I had to work really hard to even get this shot, so don't judge me....

My new Thing 3 is....... Train Mosey for 15 minutes every night until we leave for my brother and mother's graduation this summer.  That gives me oh.... about 3.5 weeks or so.  Why am I doing this?  Well, because in Mosey's beginner class, he was the star.  In fact, at graduation he was the only dog that did everything on the first try.  Now that he is in intermediate class, his performance has gone downhill.  He is the worst behaved dog in the whole class.  Some of it may be that the competition has been weeded out but also I have been slacking in my discipline.  I just don't feel like training him to heel and get on his bed and all that.  So it is mostly my fault.  So I am going to train him for 15 minutes every night.  Sigh... I am not going to enjoy this very much...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Sorry there hasn't been much action on the blog lately.  I haven't been totally slacking though!  First, I picked up my first share of organic produce but forgot to take a picture for you before I washed and put it all away.  But here is a picture of what I made with the organic strawberries I got!  Extremely delectable.  

Also, I have been plugging away on my German.  I am about to start lesson 4.  I think I have the photo of Emma picked out.  Oh!  Only one day left of brushing Mosey's teeth and then I can write a new 'thing' up here.  Can't wait!

As far as my long term goals go, I have been very faithfully uploading to my daily photo journal.  That takes a lot of my time right there.  Which reminds me I need to find something to take a picture of.  Hmmmmm.  Also, I have watched 2 more movies on the 100 Best Movies list.  So I am pretty proud.  See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things #5 and #1- Update

So I took my first baby step to completing my thing #5.  I bought a canvas.  

Small but steady steps toward my goal right?  Just so you know, I have been doing very well brushing Mosey's teeth.  Mosey is actually liking having his teeth brushed less and less.....  Why oh why......  I have only missed one night because I got home so late that Mosey and Jason were already asleep.  I will just have to add a day on the end.  That is right, no cheating.  

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thing #1-Completed!

Today I joined the Inland Empire's Organic Produce Co-op through  This means that every Saturday morning that I have prepaid, I can go meet the group and take home my share of organic produce.  I have never been into organic produce but I am sure it is a good thing and I really want to eat more fruit and vegetables.  Also, I hate buying them at the grocery stores.  Produce just isn't as good as it used to be.  When I go pick up the produce, I will take a picture for you to see what I got.  This is a picture of a share from a couple weeks ago.  

 For now, I will just add a new Thing 1 to my list....

New Thing 1:  Finish each Rosetta Stone lesson with 100%

For my birthday, some of Jason's family pitched in and bought me the Rosetta Stone language learning software, German level 2.  I have finished the 1st lesson and am half way through number two.  There are a total of about 16 lessons.  I want to do each lesson over and over until I get 100% on each section.  That is hard because it includes things like pronunciation and grammar.  I have an especially hard time with the grammar.  Anyway, I will let you know when I finish it!