Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Things #6 & #7

New Thing #6 - Book first 4 Lia Sophia parties

So.  I have to decided to sign up with Lia Sophia just make some extra money.  I like the feeling of being in direct control of how much I make so that is what draws me to selling things.  I don't however, like the selling part!  I am not the greatest salesperson.  So there is always this conflict in me about starting.  

To sign up, I have to have 4 parties booked so that I have a good foundation for selling the jewelry in the future.  I have two parties booked already so I just need to find two more.  So, this is my new thing 6.  

New Thing #7 - Find a TESOL class online

I need to find a class where I can get a certification in TESOL.  It will help me in many ways.  But I want to find one online so I can do it at my own pace or something.  Dunno if there is something that meets all those requirements, but if there is, I will find it!

Thing #6 & #7- Completed!

Ok, so it has taken me awhile to update this.  But I am happy because I have finally completed some things on my list!  First,  I drank 8 glasses of water every day for two weeks.  I pretty much just went to the bathroom more.  Other than that, I haven't noticed any miraculous differences in  my skin or energy level.  But maybe I was expecting too much.  :]  

Secondly, Jason and I made a budget.  Also, it was kind of a fun project because Jason found a budgeting application for our iphones.  So I entered all of our expected expenses per month and also our income.  Then, every time one of us spends any money, we just enter it into our phone and we can see a little bar that shows us how much money we have left in the section.  
It is pretty nice.